Engage. Motivate. Challenge.

This is the subtext that I will put in later


As a father and teacher, Mark’s fundamental belief, which underpins his way of working with learners, is by judging things against the standard of, ‘is this good enough for my daughter?’. If this isn’t the case then why should / would he do it? This means that he doesn’t do things simply to follow a trend or populist movement, but analyses education developments with a moral purpose.

Graduating from University of Exeter under the tutelage of Ted Wragg, Mark is in his 18th year of teaching, experienced both the primary and secondary sectors. In this time Mark has taught a range of subjects to learners from Year 4 to Year 13 and held a range of responsibilities. In 2006-8 Mark also worked with the SSAT on whole school curriculum design and was involved in the removal of Key Stage 3 SATs.

Mark’s work in both the state and independent sectors has provided him with a different experience to many colleagues and he has a tremendous perspective into what works best for learners, staff and schools and how to achieve this. His diverse range of experiences also allows him to view a bespoke model of intervention, recognising the needs of the individual context, not simply applying a ‘best fit’ model.

All of this work, as well as still working as a teacher, places Mark uniquely to be able to support individuals, groups or institutions to challenge, develop and ultimately achieve their vision.


What is #Unhomework all about? For the simple answer, click the button below. However, the fuller answer is – as the book subheading says, how to get the most out of homework without really setting it. The premise is simple; create an effective learning environment whereby children can set, mark and evaluate homework for themselves with the teacher’s support. It frees teachers, children and parents from the constraints of traditional homework, yet still meets the expectations placed on teachers by policies, SLTs and parents.

Though, perhaps, the greatest achievement of #Unhomework is to utilise all of the things that parents and children do already – or actually cannot do because traditional homework gets in the way. By using these as valuable learning experiences #Unhomework literally transforms learning in and out of the class, as well as home life for the better.

"It’s useful, realistic and fun. It takes the stress out of homework-setting and that stone-in-the-stomach feeling kids get when they know they’ve got to do it. Inspiring."

− Hywel Roberts - Teacher & Author

"I will often hear the children chatting about his lessons long after they have left and thinking of ways that they can extend and challenge themselves, they really are motivated and engaged and want to do well. "

− Louise Galley - Teacher

"Just to say thank you for the fantastic, stimulating day you gave us... I feel inspired to try a little harder to get it right and make it fun at the same time."

− Unhomework day course delegate

"I've just read this from cover to cover! I really like the down to earth chatty style and the whole idea of Unhomework makes so much sense. I can't wait to try it..."

− Sara B - (Amazon book review)

"Your teaching method has been so good for me ... I think you are an incredibly inspiring person... You have changed my life forever."

− Letter from Student

"Your inspiring and valuable #Unhomework Inset yesterday was the tonic we needed to kick start the academic year."

− Iain Gilmour, Headteacher, Kingshott School.


As an ITL Associate Mark has worked with colleagues at a day course on #Unhomework, as well as providing bespoke Inset at schools. In May he will be presenting at ITL’s Big Day Out in Herefordshire (details)

Mark presented at The King Alfred School Society’s Homework Conference explaining the perils of traditional homework and how #Unhomework was the antidote. Also presenting were Prof. Susan Hallam from The Institute of Education, Alfie Kohn and Kim Wells and Adam Webster (@cagelessthink).

Mark ran a morning’s Inset for all staff, exploring #Unhomework, from how to establish a purposeful classroom environment for all learners to the full implementation to create engaged, motivated and challenged learners.

Mark delivered the keynote at the parents’ conference and ran a workshop demonstrating how parents could support their children’s learning by utilising the ethos of #Unhomework.

Mark worked with the entire staff to develop the idea and ethos of #Unhomework to support the school in moving towards the next stage of its development.

If you’d like to find out more, please do get in touch.