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“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you are right.” Henry Ford


Thanks to his extensive experience in teaching working within and leading teams of different sizes, up to and including at a national level, Mark is able to work with groups to develop:

  • Motivation and engagement.
  • Staff voice.
  • Team cohesion.

All of Mark’s sessions are bespoke to the company’s context and can be delivered to a range of audiences, of different sizes. To contact Mark please complete this form:

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"I recently attended an Inset Mark gave on Higher Order Questioning. His enthusiasm was infectious and grabbed my attention from the start. His passion for teaching is evident when he presents, telling anecdotes about successes and experiences he has had. Mark isn't afraid of new ideas and teaching strategies and keeps up with the latest research, which he is eager to discuss and implement. His presentation really inspired me to research the topic more and use some new strategies in the classroom."