The Blame Game

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There’s always someone to blame isn’t there?

drive and criticize


I’ve used these two cartoons in various presentations to highlight the problem that teachers face, with rising expectations and pressures rarely does a week pass when someone or some educational institution isn’t being blamed.

However, unlike Jose Mourinho we don’t all have medical staff to hand to blame!

My plan had been to write about the start of the academic year and how throughout my career colleagues have spent the early part of term complaining about the children they have inherited and apportioning blame. However, as I started I recalled this very theme had been covered expertly by @PhilBeadle in his book Bad Education:

Phil Beadle - Bad Education

Available on Amazon – (The actual article I refer to is here:

As ever Phil is far more eloquent than I could be, so why repeat or even rehash his work? My advice is simple, read his article – even better buy the book and then remember the salient advice, teach your class as if you were to inherit them next September. Whilst it may be true, like getting directions once in Ireland, “Oooh I wouldn’t start from here to get there.” You wouldn’t like to get where you want from where you (or your class) are, but that’s where you are, so get moving!

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