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KISS Principle

In line with the title of this blog this is not a long piece, or too detailed. However, I just had to write after the amazing day I witnessed today and the tremendous food for thought I received, as a teacher, father and swimming coach.

What has caused this? Jessica (my daughter) attended a Mark Foster Swim Academy.

I will write more extensively about this day once I have reflected on it fully, but what struck me specifically was the motto of the organisation. Despite all of the instruction, information and advice, it all boiled down to 3 words:

  1. Me…
  2. Water…
  3. Wall.

What does this mean?

Me – It’s only the swimmer in control of their destiny.

Water – That’s where the action takes place, also where the hard work in preparation occurs.

Wall – The target, and to reach it as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Proof the mantra works, Mark Foster discussing his World Championships victory in 2004, coming back to victory despite not being selected for the Olympic Games.



Mark Foster's Gold Medal

Mark Foster’s Gold Medal


The citation on the reverse

The citation on the reverse

With a team of 6 running the day, headed by World Champions Mark Foster and Katy Sexton, I now have to consider how to translate this simplicity into my teaching, without adding the stress and pressure I have written about previously. I recognise it is something everyone can take away and understand, if only I could replicate this for my learners and leave them as enthused and motivated as Jessica was when she went to bed tonight.

World Champions past and future?

World Champions past and future?

Thanks for such an amazing day Mark, Katy, Damian, Rob, Anthony and Ali – worth every penny, Jessica has already committed to creating a swimming log, performing the exercises and creating a success jar.

I just need to find a mantra as simple and as effective as yours!

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